the «» portal in Kazakhstan

In 2019, a localized version of the portal was introduced in Kazakhstan as part of the state program of improving the quality of cancer care to the population with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic. The portal has become a telemedicine tool for the work of oncological institutions in Kazakhstan and Russia. Complex diagnostic cases from all over the country are uploaded to the Histoscan for distant consultation and confirmation of the diagnosis by leading Russian reference centers.

Now the portal is used in leading institutions of the country, such as: Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Almaty, Almaty Cancer Center and others. allows to get a second opinion (teleconsultation) of a pathologist on digital images of histological and immunohistochemical micro-preparations from anywhere in the world. The portal solutions do not require locally installed hardware. You can use all the features of the system from any device without losing image quality. Information exchange is easy - from browsing the Internet and downloading files to fully automated image routing. This increased the accuracy of diagnosis and simplified the interaction between specialists.

The use of the portal in clinical practice has led to a reduction in diagnostic time by reducing the logistics costs of moving slides, which also eliminates the risk of loss of histological specimens. Clinical cases become available for examination to a doctor from any institution immediately after uploading micro and macro images and data to the portal and providing access to the case. Due to the growth of interdisciplinary interaction and the possibility of connecting AI tools for research, the quality of cancer diagnostics has improved.

The modern world puts forward special requirements for oncodiagnostics. An increase in the number of IHC studies and the inclusion of molecular genetic methods in practice leads to a complication of the diagnostic process and an increase in time spent on each clinical case. As a rule, the main concentration of highly qualified specialists is located in large cities in reference centers, while in remote areas there is a shortage of personnel. The situation is more acute with complex diagnostic cases of narrow nosologies, which are rarely found in the practice of doctors. Consultation with a doctor with a narrow specialization without the use of telemedicine technologies increases the time for diagnosis, which can lead to fatal results.

The medical equipment market is global and saturated with a variety of devices and systems. These data exist in a large number of formats, and specialists may have difficulty working with them due to incompatibility or lack of software tools capable of importing or converting them into one universal format. All Histoscan products are developed to be a vendor neutral, therefore providing our end-users to operate with different scanning systems and LIS solutions.


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