Histoscan is a digital pathology environment that provides pathologists with options for safe storage and effective management of their digital micro and macro - images, as well as with access to medical images of other types.

Histoscan was developed in 2014 as a first solution for the pathologists in Russia and CIS countries for teleconsultation. Nowadays this is the most popular tool for teleconsultations among pathologists in Russia and CIS countries serving over 3000 pathologists.  



The first and the largest telemedicine portal developed specifically for pathologists in 2014

Over 3,000 users from all over the world

80,000+ slides examined

Can be used for storing, browsing, and examining microslide and grossing specimens, remote consultations, preparing training materials, hosting presentations and exams both online and offline

Special localized portal in Kazakhstan


in development

a completely new and improved version of the “good old” Histoscan 2.0 portal for remote microslide consultations

Compatible with any microslide scanners

Expanded microslide image analysis toolset

Support for medical images of varying modalities

Option for one user to handle multiple examinations simultaneously

Seamless interaction with a local version - Histoscan platform

Integration with any AI-based solutions


in development

a work environment for pathologist and cytologists to handle everyday routine within one clinic or a lab network

Flexible system for examinations and slide management that comes with cross-platform web implementation

Scalable and manageable object storage for slides

Adjustable automated system enabled for batch slide scanning

Connection to an unlimited number of image sources and users

Support for the DICOM 3.0 microslide scanner and PACS system interaction protocol

Seamless bilateral interaction with LIS, Histoscan portal, and ePath automated grossing station

Option for one user to handle multiple examinations from one or several patients simultaneously

Support for user integration with third-party system users


in development

A platform for generating training guides, pathology maps, presentations and creating interactive microslide-based training and test programs

Creating pathology maps based on the areas of interest from one or multiple slides

Creating interactive tests

Creating presentations with notes and descriptions based on one or multiple slides

Creating interactive training guides

Personal profiles for teachers and students with differentiated access to training and test materials

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